Major project poster creation

Hey EDL 820 classmates!

I hope all your major projects are going well.  I am continuously working on the process for my major project and at the same time I have been researching and trying to find ways for renewed DC initiatives in the classroom setting with the support of the School Divisions and from the Ministry levels.

A few years back when technology in education was in full boom in Saskatchewan, my former school formed a Thom Technology Catalyst Team. Together we collaborated and tried new ways to integrate technology meaningfully in the classroom. We even held a DC week at the school to make awareness of what it means to be a Digital Citizen. In following from that lead, I have adapted and created a 2.0 version to make awareness at my current school.

For my major project, with the School Board’s permission, I am going to request that the School Board adapt their Regina Public Schools Digital Citizenship Policy and to promote the DC model on Division’s website as well as on all  RPS websites. Through my leadership, I adapted the current policy from Regina Public Schools on what the  responsible use of technology is and I adapted the digital citizenship agreement for students.

I used resources from the DC Education in Saskatchewan guide by creating  resources for implementing the policy via poster images on what it is / not to be a digital citizen.  

I requested that the DC policy be given to and signed by the Regina Public Schools students and families on a yearly basis. I have also requested to have PD, sub time to help organize a subgroup of Ed-tech teachers to support the DC policy renewal within Regina Public Schools. The time given would be to support the creation new initiatives to support teachers and students on Digital Citizenship when it comes to cell phone usage in and outside the classroom setting.

I have invested in adapting the current digital citizenship model on what it means to be a digital citizen in regards to cell phone usage in the classroom, the school building and in the outside world by the creation of visual aids, audio and info-graphics that will be displayed in Regina Public Schools classrooms.

Currently I am starting a awareness campaign about Digital Citizenship….check out the re-tweet from my School Division:

awareness dc


Check out my newly created DC posters for Regina Public. What do you think of them?

safe online

Image created by Krista Gates

think 2019

Image created by Krista Gates

bully a crime 2019

Image created by Krista Gates

positive print 2019

Image created by Krista Gates