Major Project Part II

Hey all!

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Since we are currently working on our own major projects, we are asked to discuss our own targets and goals and how we wish to accomplish and achieve our plans. Please feel free to check back on my major project blog post here.

When I am trying to propose a change on my major project,  I need to find a way to express my goals and to determine the success of the proposed change. This task was difficult for me, though with a lot of thought and research I looked closely on what success looks like for my project, what visuals impact my project form, and how  to account for the intent and the actual outcome of my project. I am also looking closely on what I have learned in my project through meaningful reflection and constructively looking for suggestions and improvements in my project.

As a general guideline (as suggested my Stephen and Kirsten) I considered the following content factors when developing my targets and goals rubric for my major project:

Description & analysis of setting, SWOT analysis (before the change), consideration of the side effects and varied stakeholders, my proposal, the rational, discussion on the 4 jurisdictional levels that were discussed in this course, the integration of personal leadership style and critical theory analysis.

Here is my Rubric of targets & goals for my major project

major project rubric image

What are your goals and targets for your major project?