Introducing myself: Krista Gates

Hi everyone!

My name is Krista Gates.

I am in the Educational Leadership Masters program and this is my 4th course. I have a Master’s in Education with Curriculum and Instruction, and I have a Master’s certificate in TESOL….I may have a problem and like to take University courses.

I am a teacher / Core Leader with Regina Public Schools and I work at Campbell Collegiate. I teach French Immersion and Spanish…….I love my job!

I love technology and try to use it in a meaningful way with my students. Though I have a confession…I have mom brain and I need a refresher with technology professionally, personally and educationally. I am an early adopter (and close to early majority) when it comes to my relationship with technology.

tech rating

My leadership style can vary within the following: coaching (trying to help develop others leadership skills), visionary (collaboration, motivation, team building helping to develop change) and I can also be affiliative where I’m always looking to (build bonds) with fellow staff members….I think building relationships with staff and students is key.

Fun fact about myself I have two kiddos (age 8 and 12) and I have an awesome husband who supports me during all my studies. I also take students to Europe every Easter for the past 14 years. I love travel and language.

Looking forward to a great semester!


mom brain

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