My Summary of Learning

Today will be my official last post for our EC & I 831 class!

It’s been such an amazing journey learning from Alec, Katia and all of you! I made new connections within this class and I look forward to meeting you at next Tuesday’s class in person.

This course has and will be useful in my teaching, and I will continue to use what I learned here in my classroom.  It’s even more apparent now, that I will continue to take my knowledge of social media and continue to introduce it to other teachers where I teach.  It is so important to stay connected as educators and I look forward to taking on more Open Education courses because of its great benefits of learning.

Thank-you fellow EC & I 831 classmates for sharing your learning, you’re learning resources and your journey in your learning process. This course made our learning unique where I feel like I already know you and how awesome you are. Let’s stay connected!

A big merci and gracias to Alec, Katia and the amazing presenters that we had.  Thank-you for your guidance on this amazing learning adventure via Google +, Twitter and Blackboard Collaborate.

Had it not been for Alec Couros’ Mooc a couple years back and other teachers who were interested in Ed Tech at my school, I would not have taken the risk of trying new things! After having taken this course I will continue to take this knowledge to other fellow teachers and encourage the importance of being connected. What we teach is truly outside of the 4 walls of our classroom! So many learning possibilities out there because of our Open Education world!

Thanks so much!

Krista Gates (Brockhill)

Check out My Summary of Learning here:

Check out my two guitar recitals here:

*A reminder that I have never picked up an instrument before 🙂

Here is what I sounded like in September 2014 (Before):

Here is what I sound like today:

13 thoughts on “My Summary of Learning

  1. Hi Krista,

    I have a question about your summary of learning. I’m worried that I did mine wrong. I used videoscribe too but I did not do the overlapping like you did in yours. I made it like a powerpoint presentation on different pages. So for my whole summary, I have created 12 pages and put it in a folder. Now, I’m not sure how to connect all the pages together to make one long video. Do you have any suggestions?


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