Feliz Navidad fellow #eci831 classmates! (Check out my videos)

Hello fellow EC&I 831 classmates! (Alec & Katia)

Here is the final product of my Major Digital project: Learning the guitar via online learning!

After our first class, I came to the conclusion that I would be doing: Option B.

Option B:

Based on the idea that individuals are now more able to learn and share online, you chose something significant that you would like to learn, and you will share your progress openly in an online space. The “something” might be an instrument, a language, a sport or almost anything that requires more than a few hours of effort. Students should be prepared to spend 50 to 100 hours on this project. Students will be evaluated based on their regular and consistent documentation of learning (e.g. frequent posts, video updates, etc.), including a before and after assessment. (From Alec’s course outline)

My targeted skill was very complex for me! It was something that I have always wanted to learn, but never had the chance or TIME to do so. I had always wanted to learn to play this instrument but I had been afraid to do so, for the reason that I am musically challenged. Did I mention that I have never played an instrument before?!!!

After hours and hours of learning via the internet, and hours and hours of practicing, as well has receive face to face supplements to help me on my guitar journey, I present to you bellow, my final product.

Here is what I sounded like in September 2014 (Before):

Here are my guitar recitals for you to demonstrate my learning (After):

In summary of my Digital Learning project, I believe that you can theoretically learn to play the guitar via online learning.  You can actually LEARN anything that you are truly passionate about via the internet.

I also found that as long as you have the persistence, motivation to learn online, you can learn how to dance to even learn how to fix a timing belt on a car. During this project, I watched and read about fellow EC& I 831 classmates learn via the internet on numerous things from language learning, creating educational programs and learning via Mooc’s.

Looking back on this Major Digital project, I have had a lot of fun in my guitar learning journey. I know that I am not the perfect guitar player, but I am supper proud of myself. And now that I have the motivation, I will continue on with my online learning with the guitar in the future. I will for sure try new songs to play and will keep practicing!

Thanks for watching & reading about my guitar journey!

Congrats on all of your Major Digital projects!

Krista Brockhill Gates

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