My inner Spanish rocker

Hello EC&I 831!

I can’t believe we have two more classes left! My major digital project is coming to a close. Please be sure to check out a video of my guitar playing (Feliz Navidad) on my Summary of learning.

Meet my son Connor:

connor rock

He’s a happy and energetic 4 year old boy who is channelling his inner rocker while his mom practices and plays her guitar.

My thoughts on this project have been that I envy anyone who can easily grasp a musical instrument. Had it not been for this project and class, being the busy mom and teacher that I am, I would have put the guitar playing to the side.  I am thankful that I had the opportunity, the time, the finger beatings on my fingers to learn to play the guitar via online learning and face time supplements in my guitar journey.

My guitar journey


  1. The first thing that I did was research and choose from various guitar instruction websites. There are millions and millions of guitar learning websites on You Tube. I found that some of the sites were free and some will cost some money. The free websites were just as good as the paid websites and most were designed with in-depth instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced guitar playing.

These are my top 5 sites that I enjoyed using at a beginners level:

– Thomas Michaud at:

Jose Felicianno at:

2. Second, when I chose my song “Feliz Navidad” I realized that I had to also learn about parts of the guitar even the term “strumming”! While learning online I picked up terms for various guitar parts like: fret, fingerboard, heel, turning peg, sound hole, rib and all the lovely chords of the guitar.

3. Third, I have short “man hands” so I had to also learn about adjusting my fingers in the right position while keeping my wrist loose on the fret hand positions. The G, C and D chords were my best friends and the only way I was able to use them properly was with continuous daily practice….sometimes even hours! Practicing for hours also embedded these finger positions into my busy mom/teacher brain. Eventually, I began to figure out if it was the correct sound and pitch coming from the guitar. And if the sound was wrong, I knew I had to work on my finger placement while strumming the guitar. The finger pain, the finger indents eventually went away because my fingers were getting used to playing.

4.  Practicing in front of the camera, friends, family and my face to face supplements Mr. Warren and Miss McDivitt (Teachers and fellow colleagues from Thom Collegiate). While practicing the guitar, I would also go over all the chords over and over again. I always looked and stopped at my finger placements on the guitar but eventually I got the hang of it.

5. There were a few times that I wanted to throw the guitar against the floor like the United Airlines throwing and breaking guitars video. It’s normal that there were frustrations during this learning process but eventually the guitar playing began to link with the humming and singing of the song.

In summary of my Digital Learning project, I believe that you can theoretically learn to play the guitar via online learning.  You can actually LEARN anything that you are truly passionate about via the internet. For example my daughter Madison who is 8 years old, has learned how to create Rainbow loom bracelets via the internet. She found the instructions useless via paper based instructions, and motivated herself to learn online with You Tube videos.  She is currently addicted to making them.


I also found that as long as you have the persistence, motivation to learn online, you can learn how to dance to even learn how to fix a timing belt on a car. During this project, I watched and read about fellow EC& I 831 classmates learn via the internet on numerous things from language learning, learning via Mooc’s to even sew and make fashion bags!

Looking back on this Major Digital project, I have had a lot of fun in my guitar learning journey. I look forward to learning new songs…..perhaps one day down the road; I will want to teach guitar playing as a hobby. I know that I am not the perfect guitar player, but I am supper proud of myself. And now that I have this motivation, I will definitely continue my online learning with the guitar in the future….I can’t stop now….I have my inner Spanish Rocker in me now.



Krista Gates (Brockhill)

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