Listen to my voice!


It’s been a busy and crazy week with extra curricular at my school with our fall musical. It also took me a while to gather my thoughts and feelings from Tuesday’s night class with Audrey Watters’ session when she spoke about gender inequalities in the technology world.

I am going to be honest and say that I was uncomfortable during the session. I am quick to post on my blog after our night classes, but that night I decided to play and practice with my guitar. I was bothered and avoiding this blog post because of many reasons. I was also bothered that I kept quiet during the chat discussions that evening. I’m an extrovert of a person and I believe in sharing my voice on many different issues. So I was bothered with myself…… that I kept quiet during the chat discussion that evening as I watched the discussion coming along.

I felt as though the workplace for women had changed for the positive and the good. But after having listened to Audrey speak, we FOR SURE still have quite a ways to go.

Audrey’s narratives on her experiences with death threats made me look closer on the evil side of the internet. Audrey speaks her mind on her blog and has the full right to. Her strong voice as a woman was not favoured by many, so she was made to feel uncomfortable with these awful threats which are ridiculous! She has the full right to state her opinions and I fully support her amazing blog.

It makes me mad to think about the sexism, the threats, the harassment, the violence that women and minority groups are facing on the internet. Audrey shed light also on the fact that the internet that we all use, is designed by wealthy and privileged men whose main focus is to be geared toward the male population. She discussed how women and minority groups continued to be marginalized groups and are not equally represented on the internet. If you think about and look closely, it is all around all of us. May it be from advertisements, politics, and social groups it’s cyclical.

We all have the right to state our opinions, feelings and thoughts. In the work place professionally speaking, we always need to be aware of what we say on the social media and the internet.

I love my teaching profession. I am vocal on my job, but to be honest, I am very aware of the “politics” that surround me in regards to gender. I have heard comments about “boys clubs” and “girls clubs”, comments about gendered position advancements in our system and to be honest it’s very frustrating to hear. I have heard these comments for a long while now, and frankly I have tried to be quick on responding with questions to make others have uncomfortable discussions. Why can’t we just work together gendered friendly? Why are these comments even around? Why is it even an issue?

I am just as qualified in our teaching profession as another other man and woman is. Why do we hear these comments……it always bothers me so I am letting this steam out!

We need to have uncomfortable discussions with each other, in order to let these gender inequalities out in the open, instead of sweeping them under the rug….like the internet has. No more side discussions or walking away when these comments are floating around. These gender issues need to be addressed and make people uncomfortable like Audrey’s session did.

This is the hardest blog post that I have ever written. I know some of you will relate to the comments that I brought about. We all need to take a better look and look closely at what surrounds us and also on the internet. Not just look and think about it, but to also use your voice and have these uncomfortable discussions.


Krista Gates


P.S. Please continue to support student travel who may not have the opportunity and chance to do so. Did I mention Saskatchewan is in the lead? Thanks for your continued support on this. You can vote once a day here: here until November 30th. Share with friends and family….let’s do the “internet wave”.

4 thoughts on “Listen to my voice!

  1. tammy says:

    Talk of “boys’ clubs” are likely familiar to everyone, regardless of profession, Krista. (I have yet to hear talk in any of my circles of “girls’ clubs” but I’m sure they exist as well.)

    I applaud you for engaging in challenging discussions when these topics come up. What do you see as the possible repercussions (within your school/division/profession) of using your “strong voice” and asking the tough questions?

    Does it depend on your audience (colleagues, admin, upper admin) how vocal you might be? If yes, if the issue is at the top of the food chain, who then should be responsible for engaging in these tough discussions because it can, like it or not, have repercussions…


  2. I too have heard of the boys’ club and think I’ve even seen it in action but what just occurred to me is that our division director is a woman…and there are a growing number of women administrators in our schools. The change is a-comin’? Now we need to ‘infiltrate’ the admin offices of the internet companies. You go girl!

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  3. I agree, this is a tough post to write – in fact, I had to take a break from mine so I could re-gather my thoughts. Despite the fact that this was a hard task to do, you did it very well and state your ideas strongly. I love the pictures at the beginning and the end, and how they contrast one another as you read on. Very creative idea!

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