What’s the story?

It was great having listened to guest presenter Alan Levine speak tonight!

I have heard of Pechaflickr but tonight was the first time I saw it action. This is something I will for sure try with my student’s in the languages area that I teach in. It’s a great way to encourage active learning and listening in the French and Spanish language.

As Alan AKA @cogdog said when working with storytelling there are important characteristics when creating stories. For example, the characters play an important role, a great hook that also creates a sense of anticipation. Sometimes stories will contain Juxtaposition where you put things together that do not belong.

*Check out my new Storytelling video via the Lego Movie app that I made tonight!

As Alan suggested, a great story is telling, it has a performer that explains everything and fills in the blanks. The story is a communication that grabs the audience’s attention.

For me when I look at Storytelling, it looks a digital time capsule.  In February 2013, I took on my first ETMOOC (MOOC) with Dr. Alec Couros. I was terrified and scared but I jumped right in and tried various apps and programs. Dr. Couros had also introduced myself and his ETMOOC followers to Digital Storytelling. After having used myself as the guinee pig, I tried using this with students and it was an amazing experience for them. My students dove right in and told me they found their digital story learning projects engaging because it was a fun way for them to share their own personal stories.

When I look at the term “Digital Storytelling” or “Storytelling” I see a way in which I am able to tell my story. It’s also a way in which my students are able to share their stories and their ideas. It can also be a way in which my students are able to express themselves in an educational setting. The “bristle board” presentation days are starting to fade away in my classroom.  For my French Immersion Language Arts and Spanish classes, my students continue to find different ways to demonstrate their learning in my classroom.  Presentations can be shown via You Tube ,Animoto  andGlogster

Whenever my students use different types of technologies in my room, you can see the excitement in the room when they are presenting them. It’s also a way for me to see them in a different light. Not just a student, but another human being with a past and a story to tell. (It’s a wonderful way to make connections with our students.)

I teach 9-12 French Immersion Language Arts & Spanish at Thom Collegiate High School in Regina. I have been learning that any teacher can integrate technology in any subject matter across all subjects’ areas in the curriculum as a tool for meaningful learning.

In my classroom, I have let my students’ use different types of social media as a way in which, they are able to share their stories. When students are given the task of using Digital storytelling or Story making, they are taking full ownership of their project, researching and analyzing their own work, using their own ideas, thoughts and expressions. It’s a neat way for any student to express themselves!

Here is an example of a student project for Storytelling that was done in Spanish 10 this semester. Students were to share their stories in the Spanish language:

I am also sharing my own Digital Story, a PERSONAL story that I created to tell my story. I find it fitting as it tells the story of me, my friends, my family and who I am. It’s my narrative that I recently shared 5 months ago with my Narrative as Pedagogy class.

Feel free to share or use Animoto to make your own Digital stories or story making. I used Animoto and pictures from my home. If you do attempt to make one, please share with me fellow #eci831 classmates! I would love to learn about “you” and your stories!



8 thoughts on “What’s the story?

  1. I enjoyed viewing your story at the end of your post! I also loved the song that was playing with your personal story. Who is the artist? I personally have never even thought about digital story telling and I am excited to see what type of program or app others have used. Any information or advice on using Animoto?


  2. Hi Tara!
    Thanks so much!
    The singer attached to my Animoto is named Beckah Shae. On Animoto you can attach music from there that fits your presentation.
    Animoto is a great tool and student use it with ease. The one thing is you need to pay for it, but it’s something useful for the school to buy 🙂


  3. Hi Krista, I too am a fan of Animoto, I found that it’s definitely worth the price to upgrade. I have used this tool to share projects that my students and I have engaged in to explore the learning journey. I have also had my students create animotos (using my account) for booktrailers. Anyways, it’s a great tool and makes it easy to focus on the story a person wants to tell, rather than the tool itself.


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