It’s never too late to learn the guitar! (Strumming with a Pick)

It’s never too late to learn the guitar! (Strumming with a Pick)

So I realized it is never too late to learn the guitar!

I am no Carlos Santana by any means but it’s awesome that since September, slowly but surely I’m starting to hear a tune on my guitar.

Being a mom of two, a full time teacher it’s been hard to practice every day, but somehow I have been managing to squeeze time in for guitar practice.

The picking of the guitar has had some challenges for me. But to play the guitar I have learned that you have to:

1-pick a great song

2-know your chords

3-practice (a lot)

4-know the strumming and rhythm technique together with using a pick.

Eventually I will add some singing to my guitar playing which I am sure you are all excited to see and listen to.

I recently checked out Jerry at :

Jerry suggests using your arm instead of just your wrist and this has been a helpful hint for me, b/c I am still such a stiff guitar player

Here are my latest videos:

Me practicing the chords of the guitar:

Me practicing the strumming with a pick technique:

Can you here a bit of “Feliz Navidad” fellow EC & I 831 classmates?



3 thoughts on “It’s never too late to learn the guitar! (Strumming with a Pick)

  1. Great job Krista! From reading your posts and watching your videos I can see that you have been learning a lot about the guitar. I wish I learned how to play the piano or guitar when I was young so I could use those skills in the classroom. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and showing us that it is truly never too late to learn a new skill. What resource or resources have you found the most beneficial for you in learning the guitar?

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  2. Way to go Krista! I hear music!! I totally get where you are coming from. “Working Mom Grad Students” can have a super hard time finding enough practice hours in the day. Can’t wait to hear your next post.

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