Strumming the guitar!

Strumming the guitar!

guitar pic of krista

I am using a new vocabulary word now: strumming!

Never heard of this word until a week ago and now I am actually learning how to strum a guitar! I have been learning from Anthony Iglesias via his You Tube channel at:

He has also taught me how to properly hold the pic for the guitar, and this has been helpful for me because using my own “man hand fingers” has been tough.

Rhythm in strumming is key!

Down stroke

Down stroke

Up stroke

Up stroke

Down stroke

Up stroke

It’s important to let the pic glide down the strings. I have been trying to let my hand stay loose and try to relax

Eric Branner also has a great You Tube page on strumming techniques:

When strumming, I have been practicing the motion in my arm, my wrist and my rotation.

-wrist moving up and down

-practice rotation

-practice each strumming pattern individually.

Super Easy Guitar Links You Tube channel has by far been my favorite site:

Not only is he helpful in my guitar learning, but he has also been instrumental in my guitar strumming technique!

Have I mentioned how much my fingers hurt? They say that eventually as you keep playing and keep practicing, that your fingers get used to the pain and eventually the fingers stop hurting! Here’s hoping!

guitar pain

Here is a video of me practicing my strumming this week while at school.

Slowly but surely; I can start to hear some music!



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